Building and Project Organization

To build the engine, you can download it or browse the source on Github. Inside the Source directory, you will find a number of directories: Engine: source files for the engine itself, broken out by module type (base, scripting, rendering, etc.). Game: source files for the “stub” game executable which loads the files saved by […]


So you want to build a 3D game engine? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you will learn about game engine architecture, objects, scripting, rendering, networking, physics, IO, audio, building an editor, and putting it all together into a game (or at least a series of demos). We will do both a deep […]


As with most other game engines you’ll see out there (Unreal, Godot, etc.), it is easiest to have a single base class that all other objects derive from. In addition to building in some basic functionality (like ToString functions, locking for multi-threading, etc.), it also comes in handy for things like scripting, where you can […]